Blaze Orange Can Save Your Life

You Can Live With Using Blaze Orange While Hunting

While some hunters pay careful attention to what they are shooting at, others might mistake you for a bear, deer, or even a wild turkey. From there, believe it or not, you could actually end up on someone’s trophy wall. If you do not wear blaze orange you are truly putting your life at great risk.

Exposing Blaze Orange Myths

Overall, wearing blaze orange seems like a matter of common sense to professional hunters, regardless of the weapon being used. Today, contrary to popular belief, even seasoned bow hunters are wearing camouflage clothing with blaze orange on it. No matter whether your hunting techniques were handed down through the generations or learned in a hunting club, amending your clothing choice to include blaze orange will be of immense benefit.

Whitetail Deer Hunter wearing Blaze Orange

Whitetail Deer Hunter wearing Blaze Orange

As you may be aware, some hunters believe large game animals will see the bright color and move away from the hunting zone. This particular idea has not been scientifically proven, but a lost limb or even a lost human life cannot be denied. It should be noted that movement of game animals away from hunters is far more likely to be caused by human scent and sound rather than visual cues.

Do Blaze Orange Laws Make Sense?

Some hunters feel that the use of blaze orange should be a personal choice and not one that is dictated by law. A person wearing blaze orange is easier to see by other hunters in close dense underbrush as well as at a distance. Perhaps it can be said that these laws make every bit as much sense as those that require drivers to keep their headlights on at night. Sadly, you will always find people that don’t have much common sense, while others want to do away with all laws simply because they are made by other people. This is a dangerous way to see the sport of hunting, and the issue of wearing blaze orange.

How to Wear Blaze Orange

Aside from wearing a blaze orange hat on your head, it is very important to wear a blaze orange vest with reflective tape over your chest and back area. For those hunters that do not like to wear solid blaze orange, there are mixed patterns that incorporate forest color camo with blaze orange. These color patterns keep you invisible to the animals, yet let other hunters see you with ease.

Other Times to Use Blaze Orange

After hunting for the day, it will be time to carry your prize back to the hunting camp. While doing so, you should always cover your kill with a blaze orange tarp. When hunters see this color tarp, it is understood not to open fire on it. This will protect your kill from additional shots, and may also protect you from stray bullets being fired in your direction.

When it comes to protecting yourself from mistaken bullets, never overlook attaching blaze orange to the outside of the hunting blind. There should be enough material on the blind to be seen in 360 degrees. You should not take the blaze orange off while in the blind, as it acts as another signal to ensure you are seen by others in the hunting area. Needless to say, if a hunter is injured, you should wrap them in blaze orange so that they can be carried safely out of the hunting zone.

In some states blaze orange is not required during archery season and muzzle loading season. For safety’s sake you should still wear it. It is better to be seen and be safe, than not seen and shot or dead. Carrying extra blaze orange for emergency situations and for routine movement in and out of the hunting zone will also go a long way to ensuring an enjoyable, safe, and successful hunt.

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